In an antisemitic documentary released by Anderson and Wittenberger in 2015, titled Marching to Zion, Anderson purports to describe the history of the Jewish religion and the evolution of Jewish beliefs. Recent entries on his Facebook page show that in June, he traveled to Cyprus to continue his soul-winning work. Instead of believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior, theyre confessing their sins to the priest who calls himself father and dresses like his mother in a dress., There are 1.1 billion Hindus in the world, but you hardly ever hear preaching specifically against Hinduism. Anderson claimed in one of his uploaded YouTube sermons that these people all shouldve been killed anyway given that the Bible says that homosexuals should be put to death., He also believes that the victims of Frances Bataclan terror attack deserved to die. Joel asked me to help him get recommendations for representative Baptist preachers from the United States and Canada. Promised out of this study was a booka heavy bookfrom Baylor University Press. In 1812, the You know, let them use the word marriage, we dont care about that. Well, you think that as soon as they get the word marriage, you think theyre done? First of all, they reject the Lord Jesus Christ. That star is the image of their false god. Harold Newland, Emma's husband and local postal worker, Bill Sprouse, jovial minister of Mitford's First Baptist Church, Miss Maudie Atkins, neighbor of Scout Finch, protagonist; more moderate than ", Mr. Radley's father, another of Scout's neighbors, This page was last edited on 1 April 2023, at 04:18. I hate the religion of Judaism. New IFB pastors promote antisemitism, claiming that Jewish people today worship Satan and are not true Jews. and received back more than seventy-five names. Right there. A social activist and Jehovahs Witness: satanic., Bruce Mejia, Faithful Word Baptist Church Los Angeles (El Monte, CA), November 2018: Those who love every religion are not learning the precepts of GodIm talking about this attitude, this ecumenical, kumbaya Christianity, where if someone names the name of Christ and theyre automatically in the club. In addition to online platforms, Anderson also distributes CDs, DVDs and USB flash drives of his sermons, including handing out these materials during soul-winning activities and sending them to his associates for distribution in foreign countries. In 1609, while living in Amsterdam, A review of sermons and other church materials demonstrates this shared ideology. Congregationalists and to seek the endorsement of Baptists in America, who Left out were about a third of the Baptist denominations in North American who are not part of the Fellowship. Ann died in 1826, but because of her letters and It states that the church believes in salvation by faith alone once saved, always saved a literal hell for all those who are unsaved, and the primacy of the local church. As a Baptist, he served as pastor of two influential Baptist churches, was the first African American minister to address a meeting of the American Baptist Convention, was active in the Northern Baptist Convention, and assisted in 1961 in the founding of the Progressive National Baptist Convention. doctrines. According to experts, he is part of a growing trend of hate preachers hiding behind religion, using their places of worship as a sanctuary to spread their discriminatory and bigoted messages to the world, all under the smokescreen of religious freedom.. Steven L. Anderson founded Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ, on Christmas Day in 2005. Holland, Helwys helped found the first Baptist church after he and John Smyth provided a biblical and theological defense of Christian social responsibility Theyre literally of Satan. In addition to criticizing Judaism as a religion, many New IFB pastors also promote antisemitic tropes about Jewish power and control over sectors like finance, news media and entertainment. forced to flee to an area outside the Massachusetts Bay colony, where he founded Nonetheless, in addition to sharing a similar set of doctrines, there is frequent collaboration among pastors and cross promotion of sermons or other materials. He was The man and his ex-wife had separated in 2018 over religious differences, which manifested after he began watching online videos of pastors Anderson and Jimenez and subsequently joined a local New IFB church in Surrey, British Columbia. her life, Armstrong served as a strong advocate for missions, mission funding, people loose sight of that and accuse the dear brother of going "liberal" because he speaks and defends "non Baptist" churches. Its pretty easy to prove that it is false., Steven Anderson, Faithful Word Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ), April 2015: You wonder where these strange doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church come from, because they certainly don't come from the BibleBut then you realize that Buddhism has been around since 500 BC and Hinduism even before that, and that Catholicism shares the same false teachings with these Eastern religions. his denominational affiliation, but he holds membership in a Baptist church and Baptist Preaching: A Global Anthology, Joel C. Gregory, Editor, has just been released and is available at by clicking HERE. He claims that, according to scripture, the Jewish Messiah is actually the Antichrist, and that the Star of David actually represents the Devil. Literally. (source: AFP/Getty Images). 4. New IFB Pastor Adam Fannin, the now former pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, received international attention in August 2019 after a video clip of him verbally attacking comedian Sarah Silverman went viral online. Independent Fundamental Baptist churches are not "cults". Speakers included pastors Anderson, Jimenez, Mejia, Thompson, Patrick Boyle, and Tommy McMurtry. ", "Actor Dennis Quaid on Jesus and the Bible-Christian Baptist Hindu Meg Ryan acting baptism Ganges prodigal son Sheahen", "Q&A: Will Smith on power, dogs and Cruise", "Q&A: Snoop Dogg on criticism, religion, reggae CD", The religion of Britney Spears, pop singer, "Irma Thomas is and will always be the queen", "Justin Timberlake News Justin Timberlake Pictures, Videos, About Justin Timberlake", "'Idol's' Brightest Star: Carrie Underwood", "TCC Playlist: Have a Talk with God by Stevie Wonder | the Catholic Catalogue", "The World's Billionaires: #799 S. Truett Cathy", "The Religious Affiliation of Members of the United States Supreme Court", "The religious affiliation of Richard M. Johnson", "Abraham Lincoln and the Doctrine of Necessity", "The Religious Environment of Lincoln's Youth", "The Religious Affiliation of US President Nelson A. Rockefeller", "InfoBritain Travel Through History In The UK: James Callaghan", "Ukraine: Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov named interim president", "Turchinov elected as speaker of Ukrainian Parliament", "The Man Who Wrote the Pledge of Allegiance", "131 Christians Everyone Should Know: Oswald Chambers", "The Life of John T. Christian, D.D. With the future of internet regulation uncertain, it is imperative to find alternative ways to spread sound doctrine on a large scale.. I was wanting to know if there is anybody who could tell me of some good IFB preachers to try to find to listen to, I like to listen to people like,, (You must log in or sign up to post here. And given an opportunity to snatch one of your children, they would do it in a heartbeat., Jonathan Shelley, The Sodomite Deception (documentary), January 2021: One thing thats for certain is that those who are sodomites are evil. New IFB pastors use so-called documentaries to expand on many of the topics frequently featured in their traditional sermons, including an emphasis on anti-LGBTQ and antisemitic themes. 2012: Locke spends four days and three nights in a scissors . New IFB pastors frequently call for LGBTQ people to be killed and make other disparaging, violent remarks about the LGBTQ community. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968). Gelber said Anderson is a key example of extremists use of social media and the problems that arise with it. In line with their broader antisemitic views of Judaism as a false and evil religion, the modern nation of Israel is regularly characterized as wicked and a fraud.. I dont hate any physical Jew; I dont hate him. At the time, many national Baptist denominations were moving away from biblical inerrancy and other conservative beliefs, leading many local churches to withdraw from denominational affiliation and take the . Anderson uses the film to present many of the New IFBs most common antisemitic assertions. a Republican. encourage Southern Baptist mission work. Theyre manipulating politics and finances and religions especially, and I believe theyre trying to unite all the other religions to come together to support a Zionistic Antichrist of sorts. Discover and share Quotes From Baptist Preachers. She is a jezebel. Many more than we could handle, yet not the diversity we desired. As a Civil Rights leader in While homosexuality and same-sex marriage are denounced by certain other Christian denominations or independent churches, New IFB churches take an extreme position on the issue. It was on Christmas Day in 2005 that he established the now-infamous Faithful Word Baptist Church, a fundamentalist Independent Baptist church in Tempe, Arizona, at his home address as a totally independent organization.. He. And what you have to understand is, this is not a blessing. He became the first person to be banned from the country under a 20-year-old power on May 19, 2019. Baptist History and Heritage Society, The Ten Most Influential Theological Seminary for thirty years. As someone aware of this project from the beginning, I was pleased to provide an endorsement. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061. There are gay pride parades, go down the streets of Jerusalem. "I was born Because Knolleys refused to baptize infants and preached against it, he . And we need to go back to the past where men of God used to preach against these filthy disgusting freaks, against sodomites, against fags., Jonathan Shelley, Stedfast Baptist Church (Fort Worth, TX), December 2020: Theres nothing truly gay about them, because gay means happy inside. In 2015, Pastor Steven Anderson presented a number of false claims in a video specifically addressing the so-called Holocaust hoax. The numbers dont add upand the facts dont add up, he alleged. They believe that TV causes health issues such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and encourages laziness. NoWe need to hate false religionsWhen a Jehovahs Witness or Mormon or any of these false cults come to your house, you don't try to debate them. It is a calling, a passion, and a spiritual offering in praise to the Triune God. 5. In response to the concerns, some local Baptist churches separated from their . In Canada, for example, a judge ruled in 2020 that a New IFB father should not have a role in the religious and spiritual upbringing of his young children due to the impact that his hateful beliefs could have on them. As a Baptist, Montgomery was elected in 1920 as the first History and Heritage Society in Brentwood, Tennessee. As a teenager, Anderson attended Woodcreek High School in Roseville, California. Discussion in '2006 Archive' started by jch-singer, Jul 10, 2006. Islam is satanic. The conspicuously named Pastor Anderson Sermons channel, for example, in apparent anticipation of potential deplatforming, instructs followers to backup, save & re-upload all videos from the channel. This list of Baptists covers those who were members of Baptist churches or raised in such. There are abortion clinics in Israel. My mother was always a RepublicanRepublican and Baptist.". Its righteous. Anderson on Bataclan attack victims: 'You bought the ticket', Anderson says women 'need to be obedient', Anderson: Lord of Hinduism is Satan himself, There can be no tolerance for intolerance, Steven Anderson: Serial abuser of free speech, A religious dogmatist whose views can be debunked on religious grounds, The American pastor embodies a trend of preachers hiding behind religion to spew messages of bigotry, Anderson has lauded the 2016 Orlando massacre, publicly prayed for Obamas death and denied the Holocaust. New IFB content continues to be uploaded daily and easily found on the platform. Born to an army captain, he initially wished to serve in the military. Anderson claimed in one of his uploaded YouTube sermons that these people all shouldve been killed anyway given that the Bible says that homosexuals should be put to death., He claimed at the time that a righteous government should have tried the victims in court and had them executed according to Gods perfect law., Lipowsky said: You could have people listening to that and take that responsibility because this is the will of God if the government wont take that action then I have to do it. Thats the danger of the consequences of these types of work.. Why? They are notat least initiallymaking it available as a Kindle eBook. be published in English. What turned Anderson into a preacher of hate? During the 1940s, Graham began his long Pastor Anderson gave a sermon celebrating the murder of gay people, stating that the good news is that theres 50 less pedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles., New IFB Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, CA, echoed Andersons words: I think thats great. Its filthy. David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. During his career, Mullins pastored both Northern and Southern Thats what they ought to do., Roger Jimenez, Psychopath Reprobates (documentary), March 2018: Were not gonna bring them inWell, we should bring in the homosexuals and we should minister to them and we should love. No! Preaching is more than an art and a science. Fritts, who had already requested early retirement from the Sheriffs Office shortly before delivering the sermon, was placed on paid sick leave and officially retired at the end of July 2019. Billy Graham (1918- ). While his physical presence in these countries may have been curtailed by the bans, his digital presence continues uncensored. Since breaking from that movement, Anderson has criticized traditional IFB pastors and other Baptists who are, in his opinion, too scared of the reaction they might receive to preach the hard truths of the Bible. While he doesnt specifically encourage violence, he praises it and justifies his ideology by using his religious beliefs to disprove others.. Even the name the pope is blasphemy. Anderson has made international headlines by being banned from several countries, most recently Ireland. Think about this. I stood up to them then, and Im going to stand up to them now.. Pastors of smaller churches and those 60 years of age and older, meanwhile, tend to prefer the KJV, the study said. It (Islam) is all about war and conquest and taking over the world., Most of the people in Ireland are following this pagan idolatrous religion known as Roman Catholicism where they bow down to devils instead of actually believing the Bible. Prior to the films release, the rabbis reported that Anderson misrepresented himself and used deceptive methods to elicit quotes for the film. Adoniram (1788-1850) and Ann Judson (1789-1826). Today, theyre the most racist people on the planet. They are also committed to growing their movement through in-person soul-winning, which includes traveling around the country and the world to preach their interpretation of the Bible. minister to address a meeting of the American Baptist Convention, was active in You dont even have to believe in God. For nearly seventy years, Leland pastored In 2009, Anderson told his congregation that he hates Obama and would pray that he dies and goes to hell, according to the SPLC. The Rev. 10. Church name changes to Global Vision Bible Church. (1 Tim. Bruce Mejia, the pastor of First Works Baptist Church in El Monte, CA (formerly called Faithful Word Baptist Church Los Angeles) delivers a 2019 sermon in which he declares that LGBTQthe acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioningshould stand for Let God Burn Them Quickly. (source: YouTube). spokesman for religious liberty. Preachers from a variety of denominations were essential. (1921-1924), and as president of the Baptist World Alliance (1923-1928). I contacted the CEOs of the various Baptist denominations related to the North American Baptist Fellowship for recommendations. ). The New Independent Fundamental Baptist (New IFB) movement is a loose, growing network of approximately 30 churches in the United States and around the world that promotes hate and bigotry under the guise of religious doctrine. New IFB-affiliated churches are concentrated in the United States, though they also have a growing presence abroad, including in Australia, Canada, the Philippines and South Africa. All of them. Absalom Greer, elderly minister and friend of the series'protagonist, Father Tim Kavanagh (Episcopalian rector). The majority of New IFB churches feature extensive archives directly on their websites, which make the sermons available for download and also direct viewers to third party platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. The family is asking that memorials be sent to the . Judaism has nothing to do with the BibleIsrael today is a wicked nation. has been a frequent speaker at Baptist convention meetings and the Baptist World LL.D. But really, nothing could be further from the truth. Leave them alone! Quote - "A pure heart won't get us out of conflict and controversy. New IFB churches are not affiliated with any mainstream Baptist denomination, and in fact regularly level strong criticisms at certain Christian beliefs and denominations. Its wickedSome kid walking in there with eyeliner on and makeup and hes taking all these hormones and he walks into a girls locker room because I identify as a girl. They ought to take that little queer out and stone him. You bought the ticket.. I still hate those reprobates. They came pouring in. The book has finally arrived. After the 2016 terrorist attack at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, FL, in which nearly 50 people were murdered and more than 50 others were injured, multiple New IFB pastors drew attention nationwide for their virulently homophobic responses to the violence. New IFB pastors have repeatedly advocated for members of the LGBTQ community to be killed or to kill themselves, including specifically calling for LGBTQ people to be executed by the government. His radical beliefs are echoed in the home, and by his staunchly loyal wife of almost two decades. 20. The examples and perspective in this article, Entertainers, movie and television personalities, My Life, by Earvin Magic Johnson with William Novak (1993), 89. Zsuzsanna, a stay-at-home mother, is also an active online user and has a blog,, where she regularly posts updates about the large Anderson family. numerous Baptists around the world. Why would it surprise you that the people who deny the Christ,they deny that Jesus is the Messiah,would lie to you about something else?The real burnt offering, he concluded, is going to be when all of these Jews that dont believe in Jesus Christ go to hell for eternity. In one sermon, Anderson said Hinduism is Satanic, and those who follow the Roman Catholic faith are confessing their sins to the priest who calls himself father and dresses like his mother in a dress.. Thats the oven that they ought to be worried about., In a more recent example, New IFB Pastor Aaron Thompson of Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Vancouver, WA, told congregants in 2020: I don't believe that [six million Jews died] for one second. change many times, because in Baptist life, thousands of men and women have Other New IFB pastors are also featured, including pastors Anderson, Jimenez, Mejia and Thompson. December 20, 2018. They were going to die early anyway., Theres money associated with it. served as people of influence. We live in a time when evil people are trying to prevent the gospel from being spread under the guise of labeling biblical preaching as hate speech, Anderson cautioned in 2016. Occasionally a giant with great wisdom and insight comes along who can speak into crucial Christian issues. All they do is bring destruction to everything that they come in contact with. Hortense, GA George Mason, Beautys Truth (Dallas, USA) No one was injured in the explosion, which occurred overnight while the church was empty. Anderson laid out his multi-part strategy to evangelize the entire world in a series of 2017 blog posts, emphasizing the role of door-to-door soul-winning, missionaries, and mission trips, in addition to the Internet ministry of YouTube and other online platforms. After he led her to the Lord, Anderson encouraged her into fundamentalist Baptist Christianity, and they were married shortly after. Pastor Jack Hyles is an amazing preacher! The church government of many Independent Baptist churches is to have pastors and deacons as officers of the local church. He outlined his goal of having 54 affiliated churches in major cities across the United States by 2026 and reaching every home in the country through soul-winning by 2041. They have blood on their hands. This is demonic. Their new convictions forced them to break ties with the Over my dead body would I ever allow my daughter to work a secular job. God back in the days of Babylon had the same hatred as that which possessed. And you need to understand this, you need to grasp this: not all religions are good. Theyre of the Devil. As a Baptist, he served And folks, this is what they do. Social media has enabled the New IFB movement to reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions, thanks to a tech-savvy strategy that includes daily video and audio content posted to numerous channels and platforms. I don't want him to be a martyr, we don't need another holiday. Christians all over the world need to wake up and understand who Gods elect are. Beyond that, we need leadership that clarifies that rights come with commensurate responsibilities, and that one persons exercise of their human rights stops at the point at which their exercise of their rights impedes anothers exercise of their own. In 2019, ahead of an announced visit to Dublin, Anderson became the first foreigner to be banned from Ireland under the exclusion powers of its 1999 Immigration Act. His challenge was to come up with six or less preachers from North America. And then they take them, and they make them feel accepted into their lifestyle, and they brainwash that child into that lifestyle and into that and make them feel accepted, and they try to recruit those children. Louis would not win or lose the fight because he was black and Baptist , any more than Baer would because he was white and Jewish." corresponding secretary and continued in that position until 1906. I think that helps societyThe tragedy is that more of them didnt die. Here are some of my thoughts. Planting churches all over the United States and sending out foreign missionaries are important goals for each local church, but dont underestimate your own personal reachWhether you are a man or woman, a child or an older person, you can have a part in this task of evangelizing the world, Anderson explained in 2017. That's because he is a L-A-W-Y-E-R defending religious liberties of CHRISTIANS not just us . the settlement of Providence. American Baptist Publication Society. Catholicismin case I'm not being clearCatholicism is satanic. If you ask fifteen Baptist historians, Its wonderful. Barely Anyone Reads the Bible in Germany. The following may contain offensive material; Arab News does not support but believes it is important to be aware of its destructive influence. in Rochester, New York, and as the first president of the Womans Educational most influenced Baptist life in America, you will get a long list of names. embraced the principle of believers baptism. Thats the image of Moloch. Talk about taking a bite out of an elephant? John Leland (1754-1841). It will challenge them to not get stuck in one phase, but to move forward in expressing their craft and calling. We believe they should be put to death. the Northern Baptist Convention, and assisted in 1961 in the founding of the Anderson has made international headlines by getting banned from several countries including Ireland, the Netherlands, Jamaica, South Africa, Botswana and the UK because of his comments and beliefs. great courage, she attracted the attention of American Baptists and gained much The majority of churches which are currently affiliated with the New IFB movement were founded in the last five years. Our government should take them out and stone them to death.. Helen Barrett Montgomery (1861-1934). The church also opposes worldliness, modernism and liberalism. a flourishing Burmese church of 7,000 members with more than 100 national By geographic regions, Ellison reported that the KJV is the favorite of pastors in the southern United States. They stir up the multitudes, they get people going crazy. Theyre relentless. See? 6. In 2016, South Africa banned Anderson, with the countrys Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba stating that we have a duty to prevent harm and hatred, in all forms, against LGBTI as against any other person in a democratic state. Days later, Anderson was deported from neighboring Botswana, which he had been visiting before the planned trip to South Africa. I mean, shell work at the house, but shes never gonna work a secular job. And also, theres a lot of sodomy and homosexuality in Israel today. . Other New IFB-affiliated conferences include annual Red Hot Preaching Conferences featuring anti-LGBTQ and antisemitic seminars, a Post-Trib Bible Prophecy Conference in 2017 promoting deeply antisemitic and anti-Zionist views related to the New IFB belief in a post-tribulation pre-wrath rapture, and a 2018 New IFB Soul-Winning Conference organized by Wittenberger that was attended by a dozen New IFB pastors. (source: Facebook). Because women are weak. as pastor of two influential Baptist churches, was the first African American Like their documentaries, conferences are another channel through which some New IFB pastors collaborate and spread their bigoted beliefs.
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