Size: 64) and lot number "2814". A Waffen-SS B-Pattern Oak Leaf Camouflage Helmet Cover, Germany, SS. One period repair to the back skirt. This is probably one of the first helmets to be finished in feldgrau with a single decal in 1940. These mp44 pouches where combat used during Unternehmen Herbstnebel or the Battle of the Bulge. Tight pins, washers, and original liner, string, and chinstrap. The smock is a typical M42 type 2 smock with slanted pockets. The smock retains its vertical slits without ripped ends. The garment retains most of the nap in the wool but has some moth damages which have been repaired. Excellent condition without flaw, no moth damage or anything notable, a near perfect example. The smock retains its original rayon drawstring. The elastic on the sleeves is functional and has never been removed or replaced. Everything for sale on is completely legal to own, trade, transport and sell within the United States of America. The smock is a unique piece that would probably fit right into the most advanced collections. The smock is complete with original factory sewn breast eagle on a Grnmeliert base and all originally sewn buttons. The case comes with its original, folded ribbon that in my opinion never was unrolled. Tobacco remnants are still inside the large pocket. Your consent applies to the implementation of any actions by Stalingrad Front regarding your personal data, which may be requested for collecting, arranging, storing, detailing (updating, changing), processing (for example, sending letters and making calls) etc. This piece really is superb and would be very hard to upgrade. The smock retains its vertical slits without ripped ends. The cover left the imprint of the seams and wrinkles on the helmet shell. WebRare ET64 M35 double runic SS-VT helmet 12,750.00 Add to cart Waffen-SS M42 plane tree 1/2 camouflage smock Read more Superb branch piped Waffen-ss officers visor cap for Kavalerie or Panzer-Aufklrung Read more Spectacular M38 Fallschirmjger helmet in sawdust camouflage Read more Rare reversed Splittertarn-B Fallschirmjger smock Read Original EU-Deactivated MP43 assault gun, deactivated to the current eu specifications, legal to own within the European Union; a piece from my personal collection! The chickenwire was period applied and has never been removed from the helmet. Buy. We think the WiV is base stores manager, and Finsterwalde was a large airbase near Brandenburg. The trousers are in very good, IMO lightly worn condition. The helmet is maker marked on the interior of the steel skirt SE68 (Maker, Original WWII German Heer (Army) enlisted member M42 field cap. The size is a medium, which would fit most old hindsgaul mannequins easily. Scarce and unique Juncker made knights cross or Ritterkreuzin its original issue case. The smock is in very good, lightly worn condition. Excellent privately tailored Waffen-SS field blouse for a SS-Sturmscharfhrerin a (Sturm)Artillerieunit. Because of the language barrier they called him Loekie. The smock is in good, worn condition with repairs to the back. helmet tunic, original German WW2 helmet liner and partial chin strap. Very hard to upgrade! The press studs are lightly rusted or in working condition. Superb and surely stunning original Waffen-SS helmet with the original Waffen-SS oakleaf cover it was found 4 years ago in Mons, Belgium. This is the best tropical field cap Ive ever had the pleasure to offer, a must have for any Afrikakorps collector. Textbook original example, not the commonly encountered fuzzy replica ones sold at other sources. The cap comes with a set of cupal insignia with equal wear. The camouflage print is strong and full of contrast and the colours are vibrant. Reproduction Waffen SS Helmet Cover for use with the M35, M40 or M42 German Helmet. The garment retains all but one factory sewn buttons. Unit price / per . The print on this smock is always with a very slight green tone, this is not due to fading but a colour scheme we can see with all 3/4 overprint material. I enclose a copy of his honorable discharge papers with more informations. Manufactured from heavy twill material with parts out of Grnmeliert smock material. The overcoat is a textbook Waffen-SS pattern example with a elongated seam running from the pockets upwards. The case is complete with its original functional closing latch and a near mint outer finish that has been well preserved. Size: 64) and lot number "141". The smock is in very good, combat worn condition with loads of character. Rare original Waffen-SS officers field blouse in excellent condition. The helmet is named Gefr. The 3/4 plane tree camouflage smock is hard to find compared to other plane tree variants. Hence the different finishes on the gun which are typical for a late piece like this. Textbook late war construction and wool with re-enforcing bias made of the same rayon material as the cap lining. *Sold*, #DW39 Heer Infantry Officer's Visored Cap, #G2230 M42 Normandy Spray Camouflage Helmet, Original WWII German Heer / SS M42 Normandy spray camouflage combat helmet. The helmet retains the original liner, complete with tight pins and washers that haven't been tampered with. The pockets are lined with field grey Drillich material with plane tree pocket flaps. Marked "Q66" (Maker: Quist, Esslingen. The rayon drawstring is original to the piece and woven through handsewn holes. WebWaffen-SS & Paratrooper helmets. The smock is in unwashed, combat worn conditionwhich is a perfect character full example for a combat mannequin. In the later models these where the magazines curved out of the way of the body. Original WWII German Wehrmacht M35 grey camouflaged re-issue combat helmet. Given that no other Meybauer(L/13) knight crosses are known and both Meybauer and Juncker are Berlin makers this piece was mostlily bought by Meybauer for reselling purposes. The knee openings and gravity knife pocket are intact. The helmet retains up to 90% of its original factory finish and decal. This is one of the rarer and most desirable caps, in the most desirable condition and green Waffenfarbe for Panzergrenadiere. Scarce original second pattern Waffen-SS Oak camouflage pattern cover in unissued condition. Between the factory paint and the sprayed camouflage paint is a layer of gritty grey camouflaged paint that makes it difficult to tell if there is decals under the paint or not. WWII GERMAN HELMETS FOR SALE WW2 German HelmetsAll Original All The TimeGuaranteed Sales And Contact Info Email: Located $25.00 Sold Out. The straps are typical late war examples with simplified construction. The smock has a few small holes but there are no repairs. IMA works diligently to be aware of these ever changing laws and obeys them accordingly. Specializing in Nazi, WWII German militaria. This law exempts antique firearms from any form of gun control or special engineering. Manufactured from heavy material with parts out of Splittertarn B smock material. put his initials in the helmet he used white paint which has yellowed, with some paint even on the edge of the liner. If youre after a rare Waffen-SS combat worn Eichenlaubmuster camouflage smock; this is it! The helmet retains its period factory applied textbook ET style runic decal up to 95%. An original chinstrap completes the helmet. Textbook original Waffen-SS plane tree overprint smock in combat worn condition. A relic helmet could cost you as little as 10 at a European show but you can go all the way up into the tens of thousands for some of the seriously rare examples. The chickenwire was over sprayed and retains tan, green and red paint vividly. A size 68 shell by byEisen- u. Huettenwerke, Thale, Harz. The garment is published in Uniforms of the Waffen-SS: Volume 2byMichael D. Beaveron page 838. Maker marked at the rear of the steel skirt to "ckl" (Eisenhttenwerk Thale / Herz) in size 66 and lot number 4616. The cover retains all of its originally sewn loops and vibrant colours in the camouflage pattern. Available from The Ruptured Duck under the existing laws. The camouflage print is strong and full of contrast with the colours very vibrant. The cover is constructed from plane tree hand screened and overprint material utilizing single needle sewing machines. example of the first type M38 paratrooper helmet to follow the pre war double decal model in 1940. The details on the smock are made in blurred edge with the elastics tunneled in overprint material. The runic collar tab is a high quality hand embroided example matching to the rank insignia in wool and size. Textbook original example in good service used condition. The chinstrap has a neatly sewn repair but is otherwise untouched and in excellent condition. Austrian M16 Wehrmacht re-issue helmet, camouflage. The helmet has a size 68 shell and a large size 58 liner. All original hardware. All of the foliage loops are fully intact. The helmet retains its original ET Waffen-SSdecal up to 70%. Original German WWII Training Reversible Helmet Band / Cover. Rare step-in Fallschirmjger smock in Splittertarn-B camouflage marked Rudolph Hubert & Cie 1941. The smock is a typical M42 type 1 smock with straight pockets. These late war, unpiped shoulderstraps were issued with the late issue field grey four pocket Luftwaffe M43 field blouse. A Waffen-SS Fall-Pattern Oak Leaf Camouflage Mask, Germany, SS. The cover is in very good used condition and unlike many mint oak covers flooding the market today this is a actually worn piece with loads of patina that is very hard to find. Extremely scarce original Waffen-SS Panzer crew member trousers in smooth Erbsentarn camouflage fabric. Helmets with decals. Price: $335.00. WebOriginal German WWII Luftwaffe No Decal M40 Q66 Price: $685.00 Original German WWI M17 Helmet BF64 With Liner Price: $575.00 Original German WWII Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet Size 54 Price: $345.00 Original Third Reich M34 Fire/Police Helmet Shell Without Decals Size 62 Price: $85.00 Helmets with battle damaged. Surely one of the best M38 paratrooper helmets weve ever had on offer. Be the first to know of our latest discoveries and exclusive offers. $400, Original WWII German combat helmet pins and washers. The boots are a very good and matching pair that would be very hard to upgrade! Not do be confused with a Heer M43 field jacket, this example is a Luftwaffe made, field grey field blouse. Original WW2 German Waffen SS helmet cover rocker clips, Original German Helmet M16 Relic of Battlefield WW2 World War 2, Original German Helmet M40 Headshot Damage Relic of Battlefield WW2 World War 2, QUIST ORIGINAL WWII WW2 GERMAN WEHRMACHT ARMY HEER M40 STAHLHELM HELMET 66/58, M/40 ww2 german helmet original UNTOUCHED, Afrika Korps Pith Helmet World War II WW2 Tropical German, WW2 WWII ORIGINAL GERMAN HELMET WITH LINER SIZE 62, Original ww2 german helmet green yellow red normandy camo M40 size 68 one looker, WWII WW2 German Military Army Metal Helmet estate find, Original German Helmet M42 Relic of Battlefield WW2 World War 2 Numbers ET64, Original German Helmet M42 Headshot Damage Relic of Battlefield WW2 World War 2, Original Treated and Preserved WW2 German Helmet Relic With Faint Decal, Original Steel WWII Stahlhelm German M42 Luftwaffe Helmet WW2 Partial Decal, West German Helmet Bundesgrenzschutz please read description M52 post WW2 WWII, Original WW2 German M40 WWII Type Steel Helmet- Finnish M40/55 Size 58, Super Rare WW2 Yugoslavia Army Helmet Cut Down Version German Paratrooper M42, Very beautiful East German Style WW2 German M40 helmet New old stock! Buy. WW2 German helmets have featured strongly at Ulric of England since the late '70s. Secure Checkout. The cover is photographed on a size 64 shell making it good moderate size. The Heer eagle and cockade are original factory applied, the top panel of the cap was attached after application of the insignia, with machine stitching running over the tips of the eagles wings. The smock is in very good, lightly worn and untouched(!) A nice original and combat wornGerman paratrooper smock or Knochensack. USD 290. A stunning original Waffen-SS hand screened plane tree 3/4 smock or Tarnjacke in very good, untouched condition. This camouflage pattern was typically applied in the field by branches of the Heer, Luftwaffe, and Waffen-SS. *Sold*. The pocket is lined with hand screened plane tree. The bust is in good, uncleaned condition. The smock is made from beautiful and vibrant early palm camouflage fabric. We assume no liability associated with misuse of our products. Stunning and textbook M38 paratrooper or Fallschirmjger helmet in the tell-tale sawdust two-tone camouflage pattern as used with the 6. WebOriginal German Helmets. Size 64). JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The smock has one small damage on the spring side, underneath the sleeve at belt hight. Original WWII German Heer (Army) M40 combat helmet. $1550, #G2389 Luftwaffe M35 "Normandy" Camouflage Helmet, I./Luftg.-Nachr.Rgt.12, Original WWII German Luftwaffe M35 "Normandy" spray camouflage combat helmet with provenance to I./Luftg.-Nachr.Rgt.12. The rayon drawstring is original to the piece and woven through machine sewn eyelets. Maker marked and dated 1942. Good lightly used condition, ready to complete a nice helmet. First issued in 1940 it still has the early aluminum liner and a low lot number 719. Illegal resistance newspaper Het Parool 1 February 1945, Illegal resistance newspaper De Oranjekrant 1944, Illegal resistance newspaper Trouw 19 August 1943, Illegal resistance newspaper Vrij Nederland 10 September 1943, Illegal resistance newspaper Ons Volk November 1943. The breast is adorned with two award loops and a period sewn iron cross ribbon. Size 66) and lot number "3481". The smock does not have any damages or holes. The cap was probably issued, never worn and or sent home immediately. The smock retains 5/6 of its period sewn buttons and functional press studs. The runic collar tab is a nice and uncommon late war flatwire example. These unrestored SS field blouses are one of the rarest things to find and for sure a centerpiece in any SS collection! $50, #G2406 "Ed Strache" Heer Combat Helmet Decal, Original WWII German Heer combat helmet decal. The helmet is marked CKL68indicating production byEisenhttenwerke, Thale. These flags are often found in mint condition but this is a nice example that shows some age. The elastic is tunneled in bright oak leaf spring material. Some collectors believe these may have been intended for rear-echelon troops, such as those encountered by the Allied forces during the D-Day landing manning coastal positions. This is a unique "been there" combat helmet with lots of character. The smock has two small holes but there are no repairs. The garment is typically sewn on the sides with a double needle seam and the rest finished with a single needle machine. The condition of the smock is with wear; there are a few small damages and some of the stitching is damaged. This untouched combat smock would be a prime piece in any camouflage collection and would be very hard to upgrade. This is a typical modification of the period! The elastic is tunneled in blurred edge and has never been opened. The elastic on the sleeves and waist is functional and has never been removed or replaced. These branch coloured caps are extremely scarce due to regulations stating that after december 1940 all branches would wear white piping. This page was last updated: 01-May 00:49. Size 66) and faint lot number "_02". Size 66) and lot number "R873". Really a stunning example of one of the most iconic pieces out there that would be very hard to upgrade! WebFull-face helmets provide the most protection of any type of motorcycle helmet. The cover is photographed on a size 64 shell indicating a good average size. For questions or accessibility help - please call (908) 903-1200. A Waffen-SS M35/40 Single Decal Steel Helmet, by Schuberth Werk $2,970 Sale Date Wed, Aug 14, 2019, 6:27 AM View G43748 Add to Compare Germany, SS. Original WWII German Wehrmacht M40 grey camouflaged re-issue combat helmet, The helmet is maker marked "SE64" (Maker: Schsische emailler und stanzwerke A.G. / Lauter, size: 64) and lot number "8568". All Images and Text Copyright 2003-2023 International Military Antiques Inc. All Rights Reserved. Rayon lining with factory ink stamps indicating the manufacturers information, F42 depot marking (1942), and size 53. 570.00. They cover the entire head, including the chin and jaw, and have a face shield to protect against wind, A great camouflage combat helmet. The helmet features both of its original SS decals. Privately purchased example in officer's grade doeskin wool, featuring pink branch piping, metallic silver piping, officer's quality eagle and cockade. WebDESCRIPTION: This SS helmet retains about 95% of its original smooth apple green parade paint. We also sell the infamous German Luftwaffe Fallschirmjger (paratroopers) helmet. One of the rarest and most sought after Waffen-SS cuff titles out there and for sure a missing piece in any SS collection. The smock retains its original rayon drawstring. The garment is un untouched, as found condition and comes without any alterations. The helmet is a textbook ckl64 marked example indicating production by Eisenhuttenwerke Thale. All orders are subject to acceptance by IMA Inc, which reserves the right to refuse any order. Whilst the wrappers themselves are incredibly rare, only a very small percentage of the trousers survived the war. Original WWII German Heer (Army) M35 early war double decal combat helmet. The smock retains all of its period sewn buttons and rust free press studs.
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